We want your pet’s stay with us to be enjoyable and comfortable.
Every effort is made to help your pet cope with the strain of being away from home.

Our indoor kennel has a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. We also have a spacious, outdoor, fenced play area. All pets are housed in individual kennels which are washed and disinfected twice daily. Pets are given clean, soft bedding daily and are fed premium, high quality food.

Dogs spend one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening in our spacious outdoor run, supervised by our kennel attendant. An extra walk is available under the Boarder Plus program.

Cats are housed in a separate, quiet room with “kitty condos” which can be expanded to allow for more room to roam. Extra playtime is available for cats under the Boarder Plus program.

Immunizations must be current for each pet. Proof of a negative fecal exam within the last 12 months is required to ensure that all pets are free of parasites. Unless we are provided with proof of up to date vaccinations, we will examine your pet, and administer the needed vaccine at regular cost.

We will treat any serious illness that we observe during your pet’s stay with us. Our normal fees will be charged for the exam, medications, and any medical procedures. Your emergency contact will be notified in case of such an event. To ensure a smooth process, please provide us with accurate emergency contact information.

The Boarder Plus Program

This program provides extra time and attention to your pet. For dogs, Boarder Plus offers an extra outdoor walk each day. For cats, Boarder Plus offers at least 30 minutes of extra petting, playing, and purr-time in our feline play area.

An additional fee is charged daily for the Boarder Plus program.

Pre-Arranged Boarding Drop-Off & Pickup

On the weekends, we offer additional limited hours for drop-off and pick up. Please note that our kennel attendant cannot accept or discharge your pet over the weekend unless you have arranged for this service by calling the office, filling out the paperwork in person ahead of time, and prepaying.

Weekend Boarding Drop-Off & Pickup (must be pre-arranged)

Saturday Morning: 8:00 am – 9:30 am
Sunday Evening: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm